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So yesterday, our pastor challenged us to give our best (our all) to God.

Getting involved in such a young church, planning on building a campus and/or even just purchasing a land seems ambitious to the worldly eyes.

But as our pastor continued to encourage the congregation about church building, the Holy Spirit started to work in our hearts, encouraging us that we needed to give up a “check” (a payment from a wedding we photographed).

My wife and I are both full-time photographers and if you have ever been exposed to this work industry/workforce, the work-loads are seasonal and so are the salaries.

As the Holy Spirit spoke in our hearts, fear of the unknown began to kick in and mental-excuses started to cloud my thoughts. “…how do we endorse the check? …will they take a check that’s not written to the church? …banks are closed on Sundays. …I’m gonna have to cash it in. …blah, blah, blah”

As I reluctantly pulled the “check” out from my wallet, God said, “WATCH THIS”, and much to our surprise, the “check” was not designated to anyone. Meaning, I can endorse and/or designate the “check” to whomever I wish to.

Sometimes, we get caught up in all our fears and get clouded with doubts. But God said in [Malachi 3:10] “…Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Lizzie’s Corner | Triple Single (Rainbow Loom) Bracelet

“How to Make a Triple Single Bracelet’’


Gather Supplies:

  • 13 color A (left)
  • 15 color B (middle)
  • 13 color C (right)
  • 10 color D (triangles)
  • Loom
  • Hook
  • C clip

1. Face your loom so that the arrow is facing outward.

2. Get color A and start at the first middle peg and connect to the left peg.

3. Get another rubber band, put it on the last peg and connect to the next peg.

Triple Single 2

4. Keep repeating step 3 till you get to second to the last peg.

5. Take the last rubber band, connect to the last peg in the middle.

Triple Single 3

6.  Now you will work on the middle column. Place a color B rubber band on the first peg and connect to the next peg.

7. Take another color B rubber band, and put it on top of the last rubber band then connect it to the next peg.

Triple Single 4

8. Keep repeating step 7 till you reach the last peg.

9. Now you are ready to start the last column.

10. Get color C and start at the first middle peg and connect to the right peg.

11. Get another rubber band and put it on the last peg then connect it to the next peg.

Triple Single 5

12. Keep repeating step 11 till you get to the second to the last peg.

13. Connect the last rubber band to the last peg in the middle.

14. Take your color D and go to the second peg in the middle, form a triangle on 3 pegs.

Triple Single 6

15. Keep repeating till you have formed 10 triangles.

16. Get a color B rubber band, twist it and put it on the last peg in the middle. This is called the cap band.

Triple Single 7

17. Flip your loom so that the arrow is facing you.

18. Using your hook, pull the end cap back and hook the first rubber band color C and flip it to the left side.

Triple Single 8

19. Go to the next peg and hook the bottom rubber band and flip it up  and over to the peg.

20. Repeat till the end of the column.

21. Do the same for the other 2 columns.

Triple Single 9 Triple Single 10

22. Take your hook, place it through all the rubber bands on the last peg. Then grab a color B rubber band and pull it through all the rubber bands and loop it in a knot.

23. Check to make sure all of the rubber bands are in the knot. Pull the bracelet off the loom slowly.

Triple Single 11

24. Extend your bracelet to fit your wrist. (I will do a separate tutorial on how to extend your bracelet)

Here’s the video tutorial. Enjoy!


Lizzie’s Corner | Rapha House

Rapha House is an organization that rescues girls from slavery and human trafficking. Rapha House sets up safehouses for girls that are in slavery so that they can have freedom, food, water, clothing, school, and doctors that help them. The challenge that Mr. Ryan gave to Fusion, Transit, and Grapple is to raise money for the Rapha House. I am going to help raise money by making arts and crafts. I am currently making Rainbow Loom bracelets and soda tab bracelets. I am selling bracelets at church and on my mom’s Facebook. I want to help the Rapha House rescue girls out of slavery. I want those girls to be happy that they are saved and loved. You can also help them by praying for the girls, learning more about human trafficking, telling others about the Rapha House and by donating money or resources.



ps. NOTE FROM MOM – Did you know that statistics show that over 1.5 million children are trafficked each year? You can get more info about the Rapha House at their website, or on their Facebook page. Here’s a video from their website. Please use your discretion when showing younger viewers.

Lizzie’s Corner | Fishtail (Rainbow Loom) Bracelet

How to make a “Fishtail Bracelet”

fish1Gather Supplies:
Rainbow Loom (or for this bracelet, you can use any knitting loom)
Rubber Bands
C Clip 

1. Put the first rubber band on two pegs in a figure eight.


2. Place two more rubber bands above the figure eight.

3. Take your hook and loop the bottom rubber band onto the top two
rubber bands.

4. Push it down, then take another rubber band then repeat step 3 .

5. Keep repeating  step 3 and 4 till it fits your wrist.

6. Take your hook, then loop the bottom rubber band till there is one rubber band left standing.

7. Take it off the loom, then take a C Clip and put it on the end of the rubber band.


Here’s a tutorial video. I’m making rainbow loom bracelets for the Rapha House. Hope you enjoy it and please excuse our dog, Ted. He likes to sniff around and snort like a pig.


ps. NOTE FROM MOM – I love how Lizzie is so proud of her work, not just the bracelets themselves, but also this short writing assignment and her video tutorial. This video tutorial is testament to one of her most important/special milestones. It’s only been 2 years since she’s been talking and has grown so much and come such a long way in speech and writing. This new found love of hers has been such a great boost to her self esteem and also a great tool for dyspraxia and motor planning. She has and is continuing to go beyond what any worker, therapist, doctor, etc ever expected for her to achieve and is constantly proving them wrong and showing them how much bigger God is than any disability or diagnosis. She’s so excited to continue to make more bling, write more blog posts/ tutorials and is over the moon about doing another video tutorial. heheh I think I’ve created a monster 😉

My favorite babies

I think this little one wants me to add her to my Ormeo bunch…she can be my blonde-ish/ginger-ish haired child!


This one is my future daughter-in-law, she (and my Ormeo) just doesn’t know it yet. Besides, they have plenty of time to narrow the age gap 😉


Look! she’s already practicing her little momma babysitting skills, and I think they’re in love!


…and this is what she really thinks of my brilliant idea! hehe



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